Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fig Puffs

I love figs. I love figs to a level that is a little frightening. We have a gorgeous fig tree in our back yard and I really like making these crispy, flakey, attractive Fig Puffs as soon as they start to ripen. They are so delightfully easy.  

Fig Puffs - heatherq.com

To make them, you need:
1 package frozen Puff Pastry
3 Tbl white or raw sugar (divided)
3 Tbl brown sugar
3 ripe (soft but not super soft) green or black figs - I use green

Remove frozen puff pastry from the freezer about an hour before you start the rest of the recipe. 

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine both sugars in a small bowl, keeping 1 Tbl of white/raw sugar set aside. Open the puff pastry and unfold it flat on a baking sheet. Cut the puff pastry in 6 equal parts (I usually follow the seams and then slice the long pieces in half). Sprinkle puff pastry with white/raw sugar 

Prepare figs by slicing off stem and bottom. Slice fig into 1/8th inch slices. Arrange in a row on the pieces of puff pastry. Sprinkle each piece with the sugar mixture. 

Fig Puffs - heatherq.com

Back until golden brown and delicious looking (about 15 minutes) - Remove from oven and enjoy!

Fig Puffs - heatherq.com

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