Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pinterest Battle! Heather vs Heather

Pinterest Battle - Heather vs Heather

You know how you have that Make this! DIY craft board on your Pinterest? The one that you never actually do any of the projects from? Yeah, I have that too.

I've been inspired by my friend Heather's rad projects that she's been working on and posting on her blog, The Feaths Can Do It. She's an amazing lady and I love dorking out about projects with her. Since inspiration sometimes takes a weird turn, a Pinterest Battle was born.

The Rules of Pinterest Battle are pretty vague and forgiving.
    1. Make something (Food or Craft) from one of your Pinterest boards - or something (p)inspired by one of your pins.
    2. Document it
    3. Blog about it.
    Post one per week.

I'm not even certain how one wins a Pinterest Battle, but we're going to have an amazing time at it.

Result - Motivational kick in the pants.

This is going to get awesome.

1 comment:

Sarah Sackett said...

I love this! I would battle the winner. ;) Can't wait to see what you make!